Welcome to The World Health Organisation Global Measles and Rubella Laboratory Network RubeNS2: Rubella Virus Nucleotide Surveillance website.

CURRENT STATUS please submit your Measles and Rubella virus GMRLN data to MeaNS2 and RubeNS2. The previous websites for MeaNS and RubeNS are no longer in use.

 If you have a RubeNS2 account, please use the same username and password. Otherwise, if you were a user of MeaNS, please log in using your old MeaNS username and password to submit your data to MeaNS2. If you need to reset your password or for any other assistance, please email means@ukhsa.gov.uk.

For the Molecular External Quality Assessment 2022/2023, please use sequence analysis tools in MeaNS2 to find exact matches and unique/distinct sequence IDs. When your results are ready, please email them (chromatograms, fasta files, report form, etc.) to the CDC at address MRCDCmEQA@cdc.gov

 We recommend that you create a folder containing all your results and condense that folder as a zip file for attachment to the email.